You will need
  • wrench, gloves, a piece of cloth (rag)
Before commencing work, make sure that the main light switch is in the " off " position. Also don't forget to disconnect the cable from the clip minus on the battery. Remember that Mazda 6 has the headlight, which combine low beam, high beam and turn signal. After that, open the hood and locate the bulb in the headlamp. Remember that the lamp, which is in the heart is a far light, located on the edge – middle.
For a replacement bulb in the right headlamp, turn the steering wheel to the left until it stops. Then Unscrew the bolts and remove the dust cover. Turn counterclockwise arrows sealing the cover and remove it, then disconnect the connector with the wires from the bulb by pulling it straight out. Carefully otdelnie the bulb holder and move it aside to remove the bulb. After replacement, perform installation in the reverse sequence.
Replacing light bulbs for high beam is similar to replacement low beam. However, it is necessary to raise the air cleaner housing. Remember that after installing a new lamp, you need to check the safe connection of the electrical connector.
In order to replace the bulbs in the turn signal turn the bulb holder counterclockwise and remove it. Then remove the bulb from the socket, to do this, slightly press it and turn it. Replacing the bulbs in the rear lights is by removing the plastic holders and part of the upholstery of the trunk. Then remove the desired cartridge with a lamp and install a new device.
To replace the interior lamps, wrap the screwdriver with a rag or other material to prevent damage to the upholstery. Then hook a plafond and remove it. Next, remove the cartridge and change a bulb. Remember that in order to avoid premature lamp failure, do not store them in the flask with the hands, all operations should be carried out in gloves.