For the calculation of staff numbers (SCP) you need to determine two parameters, the normative number of the personnel (NCP) and the planning factor (KP), which takes into account the lack of workers at work places because of being in regular employment, vacation, or sick leave without pay.
Regulatory the number calculated by the formula:
NP = Op / (RV * NV * KVN), where:
Op – the volume of the (planned) work, expressed in the units of prices which are used in your enterprise
FRv – Fund of working time in the time expression, it is determined by the annual production calendar,
NV – rate revenue
KVN – the planned rate of implementation of the standards. It is determined by dividing the planned revenues for the current period by the amount of actual revenue for the previous period
The planned coefficient KP is calculated according to the formula:
KP = DN + 1, where:
Days – share of non-working time in the General Fund of working time for the current statistics period.
Days = SN / FRU, where:
SN – projected total hours of absenteeism of employees at work. In accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation, the total number of days of absenteeism is 49, of which 28 – the next vacation, the 14 – standard sick leave, 7 – rate of leave without pay. When the 8-hour working day SN will be equal to 392 hours.
The number of workersyou need in the enterprise, will be equal to:
SCP = NP * KP,
note that the number of staff shall be determined without technical staff – cleaners, porters, drivers.