You will need
  • The time sheet
To calculate the average number in several ways. The easiest is to put all employees by months and divided by 12 months. The resulting number will be the indicator. For example, during the year had only 10 employees, but in the end hired two more employees. Thus, (10 (people a month)*11 months)+12 (December))/12 (number of months)?10 persons (average figure).
But there are times when employees do not work all day. Then it is advisable first to calculate man-hour, and then to fold the obtained values.
Man-hour is also calculated using the time sheet. According to the labour code, working time is 8 hours a day. Consider the example of calculating man-hour, in the organization per month worked 10 employees, but one was absent from work for 5 hours for a good reason. Thus, (9 * 8 hours)+(1*(8 hours-5 hrs))=75 man-hours per day.
Further, it is easy to calculate and man-hours per month. To do this, fold all working days. For example, the April - 21 working days. Then the number of hours per day multiplied by the number of days in the month. Look at the above example. In daily organizations work 80 person-hours, but one day was not complete. Thus, (80чел-hours*20 days)+(75чел-hours*1day)=1675 person-day.
Thus, it is possible to calculate each month, after the values are added and divided by the number of months in year 12.