To determine the required staff number of staff (W), which is optimal, use the following formula:
W = N * KN,
where: N – normative number of workers
KN – the planning factor to the absence of employees at work due to illness or being in regular employment vacation.
The required number of staff staff (W) is defined without technical staff to porters, drivers, cleaners.
KN is calculated according to the formula:
KN = 1 + Days,
where: DN – the share which is outside of time in the General Fund of working time for a certain statistical period. The total Fund of working time is determined according to production calendar. Days is calculated as the ratio of the amount of hours of absenteeism employees to work to the total working hours for a specified period.
When calculating Days, note that according to the law, in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the planned number of working days is 49. Among them: 28 working days – regular paid leave 7 working days – this provision of leave without pay and 14 working days – the norm of absenteeism on the basis of temporary disability leaves. When the 8-hour working day total number of hours during the year will be 392 hours.
To calculate labour force; (H) use the formula:
N = V / (FRv * Nvar * KVN),
Where: V – the planned volume of work in those units that are accepted in the enterprise,
FRv – Fund of working time for the upcoming planning period on the production calendar, expressed in hours,
Nwir – rate revenue.
KVN coefficient routine enforcement of regulations.
KVN coefficient is defined as the quotient of the magnitude of the planned revenues for the relevant period of the plan year to the amount of actual revenue of the previous year.