You will need
  • Data on changes in number of workers during the reporting period.
In order to calculate the SSR, it is necessary to divide the entire calendar Fund-time workers (Fwrc) by the number of days in the monitoring period (T):
SSR = Fbrk/T Furk is measured in man-days, and T in days.
In the payroll of the company on March 1 consisted of 180 people from 6 March was taken 8 people, with 16 numbers was dismissed 9 people, and from 29 March was recruited to work for another 10 people. According to these data, the average number of employees in March-the month can be calculated as:
SSR(March) = (180*5 + 188*10 + 179*13 + 189*2)/30 = 186 people.