To talk about the corresponding issue on various sites and forums of psychologists or the community in "LiveJournal". Before using this feature, make sure that the bulk server do psychologists with the appropriate education and not just fans to discuss the problems of others. Read some other people's questions and solutions proposed by professionals, think, do you like their advice and manner of communication.
Sign up on the resource. Think of a name (login), specify a password and email address. If you decide to ask a question in the "Live journal" and do not wish to disclose your main account, create another blog, which you subsequently will lead.
Please describe your problem. In contrast to the "real" psychologist, it is unlikely a specialist on the Internet will be to extract from you a detailed information necessary for its work. Will work only with the information that you yourself give. Meticulously describe the problem without omitting any details. It would be appropriate, if you shall describe your experiences: what you felt, how long was this emotional state, if you had in the past when you experienced similar sensations. It all can help.
If the answer does not suit you, you should not argue with a psychologist, arguing that he was mistaken in his judgment. The truth is not always pleasant. In addition, each technician can have their own opinion. Wait until you will tell his colleagues. In any case you should tell the psychologist "thank you" for the online consultation, paid to you attention and analyze your advice. On some forums with consultations also decided to celebrate plus certain sign best answers that forms the rating of specialists. It will be good if you give the psychologist a similar way.