You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • glue;
  • - Speccy.
Before you buy a new fan, find out the model of your graphics card. Read the instructions to the system unit. If it was not already present, install Speccy or Everest.
Start the selected application. Go to "Graphics device" and write down the model of your video card. Also note that you can not find the original replacement part for your video card.
Turn off the computer and remove the left cover from the unit. Remove your current video card by unscrewing the screw. Remove the cooler after disconnecting the power cord.
Bring to the store this cooler and the graphics card. Choose a suitable fan for the video card. Install it into the slot and secure the fan. Connect the loop power to the graphics card.
In that case, if you purchased the fan, the power which connects to the motherboard, make this connection.
Sometimes there are situations in which it is impossible to choose the right cooler to this model video card. In this case, you can use any other computer fan. Buy a cooler of appropriate size.
Most often, fans attached to the heatsink of the video card or mounted in a special slot inside it. Take a tube of any adhesive that does not lose its properties in high temperature environment (up to 65 degrees).
Apply a small amount of glue on the case fan. Naturally, you should not apply glue on the blade cooler. Avoid getting glue inside the device.
Glue the fan to the heatsink of the video card. Connect the power to the cooler to this unit or to the motherboard.