Ultrasound of the liver – the easiest and fastest way of study its structure. It is usually prescribed to the patient if there is suspicion of hepatitis, cirrhosis, abscess, parasites, benign or malignant tumor. Ultrasound examination of the liver carried out, if there was trauma to the abdomen, as well as to monitor the results of the treatment.
Examination of the liver using ultrasound usually performed in the morning on an empty stomach. But in emergencies the research is conducted at any time of the day. Special training for ultrasonography of the liver is usually not required, but patients with overweight and patients with increased flatulence conducting a survey can be difficult.
To prepare for the ultrasound of the liver, it is recommended that a few days before the tests to exclude from food products that cause flatulence in the intestine. This – cabbage, legumes, carbonated drinks, raw vegetables, fiber-rich, black bread, whole milk.
Patients suffering from constipation, to prepare for the ultrasound of the liverfor several days before the procedure it is recommended to take 1 tablet 3 times daily enzyme drugs and enterosorbents activated carbon, espumizan, Mezim Forte, festal, reduces flatulence in the intestines.
What diseases can ultrasound detect liver? Is: cirrhosis, acute or chronic hepatitis, petalina hypertension, cancer, fatty liver, hemangioma, cysts and cystic masses, hepatoma, calcinate the liver, syndrome Budd-Chiari.
The results of ultrasound examination of the liver in most cases are decisive in the diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, to install a 100% accurate diagnosis requires the combination of ultrasound with fine-needle puncture chitobiose.