Ultrasound of gall bladder - this is the simplest procedure, which allows to investigate the body. If you suspect any pathology will be primarily assigned to it is the ultrasound. And only according to his results, the doctor will make a decision on the need for further diagnostics.
A few days before the ultrasound examination of the gall bladder discard foods that increase flatulence. These include rye bread, whole milk, fruits and vegetables, which is not subjected to a thermal treatment, carbonated beverages, cabbage, beans, etc. Excessive gas accumulation in the intestine impedes research, increases the probability of error of a doctor because of poor visualization of the organs.
On the eve of the ultrasound of the gall bladder take the drug, a reducing gas, for example, "Espumizan". This recommendation is especially important for people who suffer from flatulence, in spite of dietary restrictions.
Before the study, do not eat heavy meals. Supper not later than 18-19 hours.
Empty bowels a few hours before the examination of the gall bladder. If you have problems, make mikroklizmy or put glycerin candle.
A day ultrasound do not eat Breakfast. The research is conducted strictly on an empty stomach even a SIP of water, consumed 1-2 hours before the procedure, make its implementation impossible: the gall bladder is reduced, and the doctor will not be able to carry out measurements and to assess its condition.
If the ultrasound of the gall bladder is scheduled for the second half of the day, eat Breakfast at 7-8 o'clock in the morning. It is important that the food was digestible, and the study was conducted at least 4-6 hours after Breakfast.