One of the home ways to remove dye from hair is a warm oil wrap. You will need any cosmetic oil - peach, burdock, grape seed, apricot or almond. Hair plenty of grease warm oil from root to tip, wrap the package and tie off with a towel. This mask can be kept for up to 2 hours, from time to time, the towel warming on the radiator and again tying them down. The oil penetrates into the hair structure, releases it from pigment chemical dye. If you do oil wraps 1-2 times a week, then gradually the paint will be washed from the hair. Oil masks are useful for dry and damaged hair, they moisturize and nourish them.
The second method by which you can rinse the hair with at home - washing soap. Immediately after a botched dye hair 3-4 times to wash with soap: liberally soaping and massaging them for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with hot water. After several such procedures, the color should be not so intense. Soap dries the hair, so at the end of the procedure should be liberally applied to all the hair conditioner to leave it on for 3-4 minutes and rinse.
To make the color a little lighter maybe yogurt mask. Kefir apply to dry hair and leave on for one hour by wrapping the head with plastic wrap. After this rinse the hair with water. To get rid of unwanted shade, you need to do this procedure 1-2 times a week. Yogurt mask particularly suitable for oily hair, as it normalizes the production of sebum.
The most effective method of removing paint from hair - using chemical acid washes. This means different manufacturers sold in specialty stores for hairdressers. Remover effectively removes hair even black color, while it does not discolor hair their own color pigment is not destroyed. But with the wrong methods of applying washes on the hair, the color may be the same the next day. Therefore, this complex stepwise procedure that must end in a hair coloring, it is better to do by an experienced specialist, who has at hand all the necessary preparations for better rinsing color.