To prevent getting paint on the clothes, put on before painting the thing that you do not mind – the old robe or shirt. Cover the shoulder with plastic wrap or a junk towel, wear protective gloves. This will help to avoid excessive contamination.
If the paint still gets on your clothing, immediately remove the thing and sasteria dirty place soap or detergent in warm water. If the stain was not noticed, try to bring him out, sprinkle a little onto the soiled area with varnish to hair, then wash the cloth.
Dilute the vinegar in warm water and wipe his stain on the fabric, and then soak the thing in a mixture of water and ammonia. Also get rid of the stains, use a universal stain remover from the hardware store, or treating the stain with a swab moistened in kerosene or gasoline. After treatment with these compounds, the fabric must be washed.
If the paint gets on the skin, as fast as you can wash it off. This files most often paint at home coloring gets on the forehead, neck and ears and on the skin over the borders of the protective gloves. If the paint is not eliminated immediately, it can be absorbed into the skin, and bring it will not be easy.
The paint washed off easier before painting lubricate fat cream those areas that are most at risk of contamination. Soap soak a cotton swab and carefully wipe the stained skin.
This method helps in the case if the stain is fresh – if it has eaten into the skin and dried up, moisten a cotton swab in alcohol or Cologne, and again wipe the skin. You can also treat the face and hands with a scrub, then RUB with a sponge and rinse with warm water and soap. Brush the stained spot face tool makeup remover or vegetable oil.
Also the spots on the skin helps with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water and cigarette ashes.