You will need
  • -computer with sound card;
  • in-ear headphones with microphone
First of all determine whether the computer audio device I / o, or as it is commonly called a sound card. Sound card can be integrated into the motherboard and installed in a separate slot in the system unit. If the sound card is missing, buy it and set previously by installing all the necessary drivers. For the purposes of communication expensive sound card is not needed: it is fit a simple model in which should be connectors under earphones with microphone.
After reviewing the user's manual of the sound card, determine which of the connectors on it is for connection of microphone, headphones and other devices. Often the corresponding slots on the map mark specific colors to facilitate the installation of appropriate devices. Insert the connectors of the MIC and headphone in the intended nest.
Turn on the computer. Go to the control Panel to configure audio devices. With the help of special options in Windows to adjust the volume and other parameters headphone and microphone. When you're finished, don't forget to install on your computer a special program that allows you to communicate with the world, such as Skype, Gizmo, GoogleTalk, and MailRu Agent.