Start with driver installation if you connect need wireless headphones. In most cases, base operating system drivers is enough to do without user intervention. Insert the adapter or its connection cable (depending on model) in one of the available USB connectors on the front panel of the system unit. The OS will automatically detect the new device and will attempt to find in its database needs for his work driver. If the attempt fails, you will see a confirmation message.
Skip this step if the operating system recognized the adapter is connected, but if you are not lucky, then install the software CD from a set of headphones in the CD. On the screen the menu should appear in which you need to choose the option to install the driver. Then follow the instructions in starting the installation wizard. At the end of the installation process, the operating system will retry to connect the adapter with the new driver.
Install batteries and turn the power on the wireless headphones. The connection procedure is completed.
If you want to connect a normal wired earphone, use connectors for plug miniJack (3.5 mm TRS) on the front panel of the system unit. They posted this side of the building two and each has it's own color-coded connector for headphones, in addition to the relevant icon, marked in green. Insert the connector marked with the same color plug of the connecting cable of the headphones. Installed on the system sound card driver may display a dialog box in which you will need to confirm that the connected device is identified by the system correctly.