Cook soup only in stainless utensil — earthenware or enameled. Soup is a classic Russian recipe, should cooking of such fish varieties that differ in flavor and provide a clear broth (perch, whitefish, ruff, perch). However, you can add a fish that has a rich taste in the first place is sturgeon, bream, crucian, burbot, IDE or Beluga.

Traditionally Russian ear is not prepared from a single species of fish, and several (usually combine two or four fish). Exception — the ear of the red fish, which is usually a fish only one species. Some types of fish is categorically not suitable for cooking soup — for example, roach, bleak, gudgeon, mackerel, gobies. Such fish can be used for the preparation of fish soups, but cook soup of them. You can cook the soup and of sea fish — halibut, cod, womera, Swamy, nototenia.

Ideally, to cook the soup you need fresh fish, for example, directly on fishing. Vegetables in soup should be putting a minimum — usually limited to onions, a small amount of potatoes, carrots. And here is a set of spices for cooking soup can be quite wide: parsley, saffron, leeks, dill, fennel, anise, tarragon, Bay leaf, parsnips, nutmeg and black pepper — choose those spices that, in Your opinion, improve the taste of food.

Cook soup, depending on the type of fish — freshwater fish cooked at least twenty minutes, and the sea — from 8 to 12 minutes. Marine fish cannot digest — in this case, the meat can become tough, but using it as the base broth is less flavorful. A little secret of cooking the right soup is that it cooks without the need of the cover on a slow fire in an open pan. The main indicator of the quality of the finished soup — the transparency of the broth and the bright white color of the fish meat. CCS serve with black bread or pies. So, how fast and at the same time to properly cook a fish soup of river fish at home?

We will need: half kilo of fish, two liters of water, two onions, two potatoes, one small carrot, a root and parsley, one root of parsnip, one tablespoon of fresh or dried dill, Bay leaf, tarragon, 8-10 peas of black pepper and salt to taste (about two teaspoons).

  1. Boil water, add salt and put in a pan cut into quarters potatoes, tails and heads of fish, cut into strips parsley root and carrots, and finely chopped onions.

  2. Cook the dish on low heat for ten minutes, then remove the foam and strain the broth.

  3. Add spices: pepper, Bay leaf and parsnip root.

  4. Boil the ear for another five minutes, then strengthen the fire and dip in the broth over the fish, previously cleaned and cut into pieces width of about five centimeters.

  5. Simmer all together over moderate heat for about fifteen minutes, without letting the broth boil.

  6. At the end add dill, tarragon and parsley, remove the pan from the heat, cover and allow the ear to stand at least ten minutes.