You will need
    • pike 500-600 g;
    • mushrooms 5 pieces of fresh medium size;
    • pickles 2 pieces medium size;
    • tomato paste 2-3 tablespoons;
    • sour cream 1-2 tablespoons;
    • carrots 1 piece.
    • 1 parsley root;
    • butter, 2 tablespoons;
    • Bay leaf
    • pepper
    • lemon
    • salt.
Do not salt raw fish in advance, it will deteriorate its taste. A small perch can be cooked whole, cut into large portions. A whole fish should cook on low heat, otherwise the skin may burst. Portions dip in hot water and a very small perch in the boiling water. Do not take too much water, the fish become less tasty – ideally two litres of fluid per kilogram of walleye.
Try to cook walleye on a couple, so it will retain more nutrients and taste better. The water should first boil, then lower the fish in the pan, cook for 10-12 minutes.
Avoid rapid boiling, overcooked fish becomes tasteless and tough. To determine the readiness of the pike perch it is possible for the fins – they should be easy to separate from the body. Fresh fish, without covering, cook in vegetable broth.
To preserve the natural flavor of walleye, add water, white roots and onions. If you, instead, want to weaken the odor of the fish, add to the pan Bay leaf, pepper, carrots and onions. Cucumber pickle is able to remove the smell of fish and give the pike a pleasant taste.
To make the perch Golden brown when cooked put in broth onion peel or saffron. The finished fish can be kept in a hot broth, but not longer than an hour. To a boiled pike perch remained juicy, store it under cover in a small amount of the liquid in which it was prepared.
Fish broth, which will be used for water, snacks and sauces, needs to be salted. To make soup from a pike perch became transparent, lighten it in beaten egg white or strain through double cheesecloth or a towel.
For preparation of boiled perch, there's a classic recipe, you can use them. Fish wash, peel, gut and cut into pieces. Should cook in lightly salted water together with the Bay leaf and mushrooms. Pickled cucumber slice and cook together with the parsley root and carrots until tender. Remove the cooked mushrooms and add to the other vegetables. Mix tomato paste, a little broth, sour cream and salt – it will be the sauce for the perch. Remove from the pan the fish itself, lay next to the vegetables and pour the sauce.