Why the ear should add vodka

Today it is not known when the ear began to be added to this drink and why. According to one version, it was done to appease ushytsya, making it more tasty and nourishing. On the other hand – the vodka has been a flavor enhancer for this dish, adding to it a light, pleasant to the Russian peasant the juice, and you can't give ordinary spice.

Also, it is believed that vodka in the old days tried to disinfect the water in which it cooked. After gaining her for a fish soup usually made of the river or lake – where was the fish. Of course, if preparing it on shore.

Currently vodka added to soup to slightly neutralize the unpleasant taste and flavour of river fish, often reeking with slime. In addition, this drink gives the dish a very special taste, especially if you cook it in nature.
Perhaps it is tradition to cook the soup near the site of the catch and was the fact that this dish began to flavor vodka – a beverage that often accompanied the Russian guy in fishing.

How to cook the soup with vodka

For making nourishing soup you will need:
- 500 g small ruffe or perch;
- 1 kg of carp or big carp;
- 3 liters of water;
- 4-6 potatoes;
- parsley root;
- onions;
- Bay leaf and allspice;
- black pepper and salt to taste;
- 2 tomato;
- bunch of green onions and dill;
- 200 ml of vodka.

Fish is cleaned from the scales and gut. When you do this, be sure to remove the gills, or ear get bitter. Then carefully wash it, fold the little thing in the pot, and the big set aside until the side. Add to the pan head of peeled onion and the parsley root. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and simmer for 20 minutes.
It is very important that the ear is not boiled for a long time. Yes, and cook it, preferably without a cover and stainless utensils – then it will be more tasty and aromatic.

Smaller fish, onions and parsley root throw, and the broth be sure to strain. Then put a large fish, which can be cut into pieces, and cook for about 25 minutes. 15 minutes before the end add in soup chopped large potatoes and cook until tender. At the end add salt, spices, tomatoes crosswise cuts, and definitely vodka. Then turn off the heat, put in soup greens and cover the pan with a lid to steep for 10-15 minutes. Your ear is ready pour into bowls and serve with black bread.