Advice 1: How to cook trout

Trout is loved by many for a great taste. This fish belongs to the salmon family, there are white and pink trout. Taste of different types also varies, especially appreciated Nevskaya. This trout has a thick torso and small head, its meat is pink-red. Swedish fish flat with pink meat. Trout white in taste inferior to the above varieties.
How to cook trout
You will need
    • Boiled trout:
    • trout;
    • broth;
    • potatoes;
    • parsley;
    • sauce.
    • Ear of the trout:
    • trout 500 g;
    • potatoes-3 PCs;
    • Fig 3 tbsp.
    • carrots 1 PC;
    • onion 1 piece;
    • 3 garlic cloves;
    • Bay leaf 3-4 pieces
    • Trout in French white wine:
    • trout of a middle size 1pc;
    • white wine;
    • onion 1 piece;
    • carrots 1 PC;
    • butter 100 g;
    • white bread 200 g;
    • lemon 1 PCs.
Boiled trout has a beneficial effect on the human body, fish is very rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Its meat, tender and tasty, cooks very quickly. This fish can be served cold and hot.
Rorelcatae boiled fresh fish must be thoroughly cleaned, well to gut and remove the gills. Place the carcass in a pot, pour broth, cover and put on fire. When the water boils, leave the saucepan on a slow fire. Cook the trout for 15-20 minutes. Big fish should be left on the fire for half an hour.
The fish is ready remove from broth, remove the top skin and gently to avoid damage, lay on a dish. On garnish serve boiled potatoes, which can be spread around the carcass. On top sprinkle the dish with fresh parsley. Sauces, choose white, red, mustard, walnut or horseradish, lemon or Madeira.
Ear of froelicher delicious and flavorful it turns out the soup-soup with trout. Clean the fish, cut into pieces. Simmer with carrot, onion and three garlic cloves. Remove the trout in a few minutes and select all the bones. Return the fillets to the broth.
Peel the potatoes and cut it into cubes, put into the broth. Three tablespoons of rice, rinse and add to soup. Put salt and spices (black pepper, parsley, dill, Basil, coriander) to taste. Simmer all ingredients for 15 minutes. Trout pour soup in the plate and generously sprinkle with fresh herbs. In each plate put half boiled eggs.
Trout in French white videotribute to cook fish and this is not a complicated recipe. First you need to make a special broth, then boil with trout. 100 g butter, divide in half, fry in one part of the chopped onion and carrot. Add the Bay leaf, salt, cloves, black pepper and pour in the white wine.
All of this should boil and stew for 15 minutes. Put the trout into the broth and simmer 10-15 minutes. Ready remove and place on a hot dish, with the top sides, remove the skin. Byprivate broth over high heat. Heat the remaining butter, when it begins to foam, put the pieces of dry white bread, brown them.
Broth connect with bread and pour it all on trout. One small lemon cut into thin slices, put them on the fish. Fresh parsley sprigs to decorate the finished dish.

Advice 2: How to cook in scource

Freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice – a real storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients. To cook for dinner a glass or two of tasty drinks, enough to have a modern juicer. Quite another matter – processing of the large crop of fruits with a suburban area. This will help sokovinka with which the juice is enough to pour into a sterile vessel and preparation for the winter ready.
How to cook in scource
You will need
    • sokovarka;
    • fruits or berries;
    • knife;
    • water;
    • sugar;
    • glass jars.
Read the instructions for use of your sokovarki to understand. Typically this device consists of three "floors"-the tanks. In the lower reservoir is filled the water; in the middle (complement) steam enters from the bottom and drain the liquid from the top; at the top (lattice) is laid raw. An important detail is the hose that is attached to the tube at the middle level. Through it poured the finished drink.
Prepare fresh selected fruits for juicing. Rinse them thoroughly, if necessary remove bones. Edible skins you should keep – it contains a large amount of nutrients and has a special taste and aroma. The raw material is put in a slatted pot entirely, and large fruit or vegetables cut into slices.
Add the sugar to the berries and fruits and vegetables - a bit of salt. You can rely on your taste or use ready-made recipes. So, 4 liters of strawberries you will need 300 g of sugar; 4 liters drain – 400 g; 3 l of sliced apples or pears – 400 g; 4 l cherries – 350 g; 4 l black and red currants, raspberries – pound.
Fill the bottom pot with water in accordance with the amount of sokovarki (usually it is 2 to 3 years). Tightly close the heat-resistant cap, install the hose clamp and leave raw steam. At a temperature of approximately 70 degrees in compliemnt begins to accumulate fluid. Usually boiling the juice lasts from half an hour to an hour, depending on the hardness, ripeness and juiciness of the fruit. If you have purchased expensive modern device with a temperature sensor to facilitate control over the process.
When the juice will fill up the average tank, substitute the hose with warm sterilized jars. They should be below the level of the bottom of sokovarki. Remove the clip and pour the drink. It is recommended not to use the first 2 cups of liquid for long term storage – it is not sufficiently sterile. The rest of the juice can be rolled up for the winter. Usually 2 kg of raw material obtained 1-1. 5 l of juice.
Do not let the water in scource fully evaporate – if necessary, add it.
Useful advice
Not dispose of the steamed raw material is pulp. Pass it through a sieve and seal in a clean container. In winter you can use the resulting puree as a filling for pies, make him compotes and jellies.
Try to cook in solarce not only vegetables and fruits but also other products. It be able the lush omelets, steamed meatballs and other dishes.
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