Advice 1: How to update an old mirror

With the complete replacement of furniture in the room there is a situation when the rest of the decor no longer be combined with the new situation. Quite a bit to change and update, such as a large mirror in a wooden frame to perfectly fit into the interior.
How to update an old mirror
You will need
  • brush;
  • - a saturated solution of potassium permanganate;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - squirrel brush;
  • the outline on the glass;
  • - alcohol;
  • - gold and tin foil;
  • thread;
  • - Scotch.
Clean the mirror from unnecessary details. A regular brush wipe back the surface to remove dirt and dust. Wet the sponge with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate and treat it with a wood frame. So the natural wood pattern is more visible. If the frame lacks some elements, not in a hurry to change it, the right decor will add to this mirror's charm.
Take the paint of the desired shade. Dry brush to apply coating on the frame, your movements should be light, so the wood texture shows through the paint layer. Can do painting, in this case, all the colors should be in harmony with each other and the rest of the decor in the room. For complex ornament it is better to take the stencil, it can be cut out of construction paper or buy.
To gild the protruding part of the frame of the mirror, attach a gold foil embossing and printing. Carefully wipe the glass with alcohol or wash Windows, to clean and degrease the surface.
A beautiful pattern can be done on the glass. For this long thread put on the mirror in the desired ornament, the ends of the cord secure with tape. Along the received markup apply the liner on the glass light shade, remove the strand. To erase incorrectly posted outline, use an alcohol-moistened cotton wool.
You can draw a small pattern in the corners of the mirror. For this fit, acrylic paint and a squirrel brush, paint tool from the synthetic fibers applied to glass worse. Unwanted items from flush to the acrylic does not harden. For this reason, often rinse the brush. Leave the mirror to dry.
To fix the removed part of the mirror, carefully clean the damaged area. On the erased area should not be the old coating. A soft cloth dampen with alcohol and degrease the surface. Dust should not be, otherwise you may get color fringes. Squeeze as tightly as possible to the damaged site in tin foil.

Advice 2: How to decorate an old mirror

The old and favorite mirror, which has already lost its former attractive appearance, and which is still a pity to throw out, can transform and give it a second life. Updated mirror will bring a nice addition to your interior and will delight you for a long time.
How to decorate an old mirror
You will need
  • — acetone or liquid varnish remover
  • — white acrylic primer
  • — acrylic paint
  • three — layer napkins with a pattern
  • — PVA glue
  • — tassels
  • — bulk acrylic contours
Using decoupage technique you can decorate a mirror, creating on both edges of the frame of the selected picture. For this region a pure mirror degrease with acetone, liquid glass cleaner or liquid Polish remover. Then with a sponge apply on the edges of the mirror with a layer of white acrylic primer. Let the primer dry.
Primer top coat white acrylic paint or dye of another color, which will be combined with your chosen paper pattern, but will be a contrast to him. Also apply the paint with a foam sponge.
From paper napkins carefully cut out the motifs. If you want the outlines of the motives were not clear, you can gently pick the motifs by hand. From motives carefully peel the third layer, which is depicted in figure.
PVA glue slightly dilute with water. Using diluted glue to gently glue the paper patterns on the mirrorwhere it is applied acrylic paint. Paper explanation you can also glue it directly with your hands. Slightly damp cloth to smooth out the motives, not to get folds and remove the excess glue.
Edge motive stonerose acrylic paint pastel colors. Take acrylic paint, matching the color of the paper motifs, dilute it with white paint so the color turned out slightly darker than pastel. Using a sponge lightly apply the liner around the motif, trying not to go to the motive. To smooth out the sharp border contour, take the main background paint and with a sponge apply it around the edges toning, muting the sharp transitions.
If the explanation is left blank the places you would like to fill them to make simple drawing with acrylic paint in pastel colors, suitable for color to the paper motif or three-dimensional contour of the acrylic. When finished, let the paint and glue to dry. Then apply to the entire decorated surface layer of acrylic lacquer and fully dry the product.
Useful advice
Paper motifs can be glued slightly overlapping, to avoid gaps therebetween. Then get a solid colored fabric.
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