You will need
  • - fine sandpaper;
  • paste the GOYIM;
  • felt circle;
  • a piece of thick fabric.
To start, you should carefully clean the damaged glass from all kinds of impurities, because if they remain on the surface, you will be hard to pinpoint the location of any scratches. To do this, take a piece of thick fabric and smooth movements, slowly, clean the glass or the product that it made. The latter option applies, for example, aquariums.
After the damaged glass is cleaned, treat it with fine sand paper. It is very important that she was that shallow, because otherwise you will only aggravate the situation, and scratches will become more visible.
Then take a GOI paste and apply it in the necessary amount to the affected area, and then using a felt circle, begin to Polish the surface. During this process, do not rush, because the result does not depend on speed of rotation of the felt and the amount of paste, and carefully and smooth movements.
If there are scratches on the front glass of your car, then, referring to a large area of the damaged surface, is to contact the service center. Qualified specialists will solve your problem with the help of special equipment at home to use is quite difficult.
You can also use the most simple and reliable way to remove scratches is, of course, replace the glass itself. However, it is somewhat expensive, but in this case you will get a new glass, which will Shine.