Before stretching make sure you warm-up. If you start to do exercise on cold muscles, the risk of damage and injury. 15 minutes aerobic exercise will be enough. Engage in a warm room.
Each exercise do at least 30 seconds. Optimally several approaches for 45-60 seconds. The fact that the first 30 seconds of the muscles and ligaments to resist stretching, and then begin to relax, then there is the effect of stretching. Doing exercise less than 30 seconds, will be of little use. By performing the exercises, breathe normally.
Take your time. If you do some exercise you is hard, don't overpower yourself, reduce the amplitude. Not to stretch through pain, because, though it seems that most quickly and efficiently, in fact, you risk seriously damaging yourself ligaments and muscles. Moreover, such stretching does not stay long, very fast, it fizzles. Stretch it out gradually. As soon as you feel pain, reduce the degree of stretching. You can do the exercise on the border with the pain but not through it.
The best time to stretch is in the evening. The morning after a dream can seem a bit "wooden". Some exercises that are easy and good evening, morning cause pain and inconvenience. A hot shower or bath also help relax the muscles, so after stretching them is better.
There are several techniques of exercise for stretching. Static exercises – when you take a position and abide in him, gradually increasing the amplitude. Dynamic stretching is the way in which you, being at the threshold of pain, making the motions with very low amplitude, increasing the degree of stretching. Ballistic stretching is when faced with the jerk motion with large amplitude. For beginners suitable static stretching. Ballistic can only be used by experienced and flexible people since we need to understand and control the situation, otherwise there is a risk of personal injury. Dynamic stretching is used by many people.