Before starting classes to develop flexibility, it is necessary to warm up the body. This is achieved by simple exercises, workout. The higher the room temperature, the faster the body will be warmed up.
Start to pull muscles. Produce the flapping motion, hands, feet, bend the lower back. Sudden movements, at the initial stage of development of flexibility, contraindicated, as the body, unaccustomed, may fail.
The load on the muscles increase gradually from workout to workout. You should not exercise every day, the body needs to restore the form. Optimal option exercise: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Develop hands interlock in front of your chest, clenched fingers, hands forward, left, right. While the palm turns forward. Next, put hands on the back of a chair, stand at an angle of 90 degrees, and do bends forward and backward, the maximum straining your arms at this moment.
Develop the torso: feet shoulder width apart, slowly bend and touch the right heel, then left. Palms wrap calf, and begin to wobble, and clenched hands. Try to touch head to feet. Download press.
Develop the legs: One naked on the ground, the second take in hand, and presses to her breast, repeated several times. Beginners can perform the exercise lying on your back. Repeat the exercise with both legs. Foot, forward, backward, left-right gradients. The leg should be relaxed.