If you are seriously interested in sports, stretching is essential, as it prevents injury. Stretching the feet is important when practicing martial arts, dancing, Jogging, and in General healthy joints.

Before starting exercises on stretching of the feetneed to be warm, to warm the body. It is advisable that you sweat a little. During the warm-up run, do the tilts and squats, and the exercises do a warm room.
After the warm up begin to exercise. Spread your legs shoulder width apart, hands down. Slowly bend towards your toes feet and you will feel the stretching of the muscles of the thighs. Do 15-20 slopes. With all the exercises, and keep breathing: slowly breathe in and out.
Then go to another exercise. Legs apart as wide as possible, and keep your hands crossed at the breast. Then start bending forward while try to get to the floor elbows. After turn the body to the right leg and also drag down. Do the same for the other foot. Perform this set 3 times, giving little rest to the leg muscles. Each time you repeat the exercise try to spread his legs wider, and elbows lowered.
A very useful exercise for stretch marks – "butterfly". To perform sit on the floor, legs bend at the knees and the feet together to each other. Then bend down as low as possible, making sure that the back was smooth. In this position, begin to lower and raise his knees. As long as you can do the exercise, but not prevoznemogaya pain.
Another exercise is performed sitting on the floor. Sit down, pull legs and spread them apart as widely as possible. Start bending each of the legs. Follow straight back, it is better to do less approaches, but to implement them efficiently. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.
If you set a goal to learn to do the splits, then do the following exercise. The feet are shoulder-width apart, lower your body down, put your hands on the floor in front of toes. Next, start to push the legs as if you try to sit on the floor. Each time you'll notice that down towards the floor.
Do these exercises every day at any convenient time. If you clearly set a goal, achieve excellent stretch marks is not difficult. Most importantly do not try to overcome strong pain in the muscles, do the exercises as possible, in order not to get injuries.