If you are just beginning to do, the body will be reacting to any load. Not to get a sprain or rupture of ligaments, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, the need to warm up before stretching. It is necessary to highlight the muscle group that you plan to focus during the upcoming training. Now do a warm-up these parts of the body. For example, make circular movements with the neck, shoulders, twist the body in the thoracic and lumbar spine, if you want to stretch the top. A warm-up for the bottom can serve as squats or plies, leg swings, walking in place, jumping rope.
To warm up muscles before stretching was pleasant and efficient business, cannot bring themselves to exhaustion. Enough 10 minutes total of exercise, and the same targeted stretching. The main load during the stretching is performed for 20 minutes. Thus, the total time is 40 minutes. Stretching the muscles, and remember about the joints. If the muscle mass is too small, it is on the bone accounts for the bulk of the load. Therefore, it is not necessary to work flat out until my muscles got stronger.
Oddly enough, but the best warm-up before stretching is stretching. All warm-up exercises should be performed slowly and carefully. If you are in a hurry, you won't be able to relax and stretch the body part and get injured. Also not too quickly to stretch cold muscles and quickly return to its original position.
Stretch the hands, his fingers interlaced and reaching up. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then relax. Then pull out the chained to the castle arms back.
Pull your arms up, with her right hand the left wrist. Slowly bend to your right side, stretching the muscles on the left. Change side.
Take a deep lunge with your right foot forward, leaning on his left knee. Right knee bent at a right angle. Clasp your hands left foot and slowly pull the heel to the buttocks. Be very careful, do not try the first time to get to the end point.
Sit on the floor, straighten legs, resting his foot into the wall. Pull your right foot to the inner left thigh and lean forward. Keep the knee parallel to the floor.
Lie on your back, raising straight legs to the ceiling. Pull the sock itself. Clasp your hands calf, or if you make it tingle. Slowly pull the legs to the head, without lifting your buttocks and lower back off the floor.