You will need
  • Paper, pencil, eraser.
In order to draw models, we need to be clear on what exactly is planned accent. If it is a fashion show or a separate garment, you should consider the position in which you will draw the model and then to estimate the proportions and outline of the sheet like the conventional image of a man in full growth.
The details of the person in this illustration, usually do not matter. The main thing — accurately depict the human body, depicted on the clothing.
Remember that in certain poses on certain areas of the body are formed folds. For example, under the breast in women the shadow, knees draw an arc with the ends pointing upwards. Clearly visible is usually the line of the clavicle. All the nuances of this kind is apparent at the clothes, they give a picture naturalness. In principle, you can not draw the body itself, depicting such features on the clothes.
When drawing clothes, remember about the properties of fabrics to drape. Of course, you can do fairly tight jeans, but they follow the contour of the body, so it will be also important previous step.
Draw the crease, darken the areas into which they will cast a shadow. Any clothing will not sit smoothly, otherwise you'll just have to draw the human body. Imagine how it will look in the model you invented the outfit – the lie of the folds, draping, etc.