You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a pencil, a eraser.
Prepare the required materials. Select whether you want to draw from life, from photographs or from memory. In the latter case, consider in what position you will draw your model. If you draw from a living person – give him some sort of comfortable and beautiful pose. Depending on the posture, place the sheet vertically or horizontally. Using a simple pencil and start doodling.
Draw the basic figure line – the line of the back, lap and legs. Give them the right direction. Then "splice" on the line geometry. Start with the torso, which indicate an oval, then draw a round head. Elongated ovals designate limbs. After that check the proportions of the body, the ratio of the hands and feet the number of times the head is deposited in the body and so on.
Start clarifying the pattern of lines of the body. Don't try to maintain a straight continuous line, draw a light quick touches, editing and refining the direction of the line on the spot, without using an eraser. Refine the shape of the head and draw the hair. Then move to the shoulders and chest. Gradually descending in the pattern on the body from head to feet, finish detail work. Using the eraser, edit the lines, erase the auxiliary pattern.
Planned and pririsovyvat part of the face. For precision drawing, swipe on the face of the middle vertical line, then horizontal line of the eyes, nose and mouth. Pay attention to the figure's chest. At this stage we can proceed to light shading and using light and shadow to give volume to the body. If the model is, then the darkest shadow will be under it.
In further illustration with a pencil you can use the feather with a piece of paper. Also edit the drawing with an eraser, which you can draw shaded like a pencil. Emphasize, make clearer lines in the foreground of the picture.