Before the changes the salary of the teacher consisted of two parts. The first is a set rate (the amount that is directly dependent on teacher qualifications, his experience, the number of hours according to his subject). The second part is Nadterechny Fund, from which payments were made for extra-curricular activities and any other additional loads (responsibilities in the office, classroom management, etc.).
Now the principle of the payroll of the teacher has changed. And depends mainly on the intensity of work and number of children in the class. All prices are based on a specific tariff rate that is set based on the level of the Unified tariff scale. It is calculated as: 18 hours per week for middle and high school, 20 hours for the initial. Previously, these indicators were sufficient to accrue a certain amount. Now the teacher receives that amount only if used with the same number of hours, but in addition is also taken into account class size (20 people in the village, 25 in the city). This division of funds should allocate teachers, active and passive. Active can increase their wages even at the expense of stimulating payments.
How to charge <b>salary</b> <strong>teacher</strong>
Incentive payments shall be paid from the specially created incentive Fund. They are distributed depending on the criteria of quality of work. In every educational institution these criteria your. Generally, additional earnings credited to those teachers who have academic degrees, state awards or the title of "Honorary worker", "Best teacher", etc. the Main condition is that these titles were acquired in the field of education. And, of course, additional money is paid to the teacher for results. It could be the quality of education among the students of his class, and the preservation of the health of students and the development of pedagogical creativity. Accordingly, the more the teacher does for the school and students, and their own creative growth, the greater the salary.
How to charge <b>salary</b> <strong>teacher</strong>
In such a scheme of evaluation of teachers need to carefully consider what kind of school has a teacher. For example, the success in learning in children in a rural school, and children in the elite school of the capital will be completely different. Hence, the system of money distribution is determined based on the parameters of the district. Other criteria, like the material equipment of the schools, the technical capabilities of the teacher and many others, must be taken into account when calculating the incentive part of the salary.
How to charge <b>salary</b> <strong>teacher</strong>