For travellers-tourists, perhaps, the easiest choice would be to lay all worries on a travel organization that you trust. The company's specialists will take into account all the necessary formalities, and you will just enjoy the ride.
To buy tickets for the ferry can also directly at the ticket offices of the shipping companies that organizes flights on ferries. However, this method is not for everyone, because such offices are located in cities that are the starting point of the ferry route. And, accordingly, are not always available for those who are planning to start a trip in distant villages.
Perhaps the most simple way to buy a ferry ticket, order it via the Internet. To do this you first need to find a site that offers directions that interest you and verify its reliability. Then calculate the cost of the ticket. As a rule, on the website there is a service of online calculators that will give the amount after you enter the points of departure and destination, period of travel and class cabins. If the online calculator is missing, please request the price listed on the website contact information. Once you have determined the cost, you email will receive an invoice for payment and electronic ticket for the ferry. To pay the bill you can also in the comfort of their homes, by credit card or one of the electronic payment systems. If you are not able to pay for the ticket via the Internet, you can do it by cash at any branch of the Bank. Upon arrival at the port you will only have to call the name and number of the electronic ticket on the ferry. A trip on the ferry is a convenient way to travel, both for tourists and for business people, because it combines comfort, a rich choice of entertainment and new impressions from the visited places.