You will need
  • computer;
  • — Internet;
  • — Bank card;
  • Fax;
  • — e-mail.
Choose the website where you buy tickets. If you are only interested in the Vatican, it is logical to go directly to his website: and there is a link to the museums of this country. Or you can insert a search string in your browser addressЕсть another possibility is to use the services of intermediaries. But they, of course, make additional margin on the tickets.
On the website of the Vatican choose the type of visit that state. This can be the admission ticket, individual or group tour, group travelling with a private guide in a group of up to 15 people and specialized tours that require a specific design (educational, pilgrimage, archaeological). Please note that normal ticket allows you to visit only the museums and Sistine chapel, and during the tours you can also visit the gardens of the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica. Select the desired option. Please note that the guides in the Russian language rarely work.
In order to buy simple input tickets, click on the link Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Page opens with a description of the services and a form to select a date. Set the desired month and the number of visitors. Tickets can be booked no earlier than 60 days prior to the visit. Click Next.
You will see the table with available dates — select the desired. There will be new information about the available hours of the visit. Click on a convenient time, pay attention to prices. Select the number of people who want a full adult or concessionary child ticket and press Next again. Form will open for payment. Each purchased ticket added to the Commission of 4 euros per booking. Enter your contact information: name, surname, gender, country, city and date of birth, email address, phone number and name of the payer. Enter the secret code, confirm that you agree with the agreement and press the right button at the bottom of the page.
You will receive your unique code for your reservation. Hit Next again. Opens the payment form, where again it is necessary to insert all your contact information, choose your card type and enter its number. After that, the transaction will be committed. Print the confirmation of your purchase.
To buy tickets for the tour, select the type of tour Vatican museums and Sistine chapel, gardens, museums and a Cathedral.Peter. The last two types of tours on the website look similar and are on the same places, but differ in the presentation of information.The next step is also contains the difference from buying a regular admission ticket. In addition to the month and number of persons wishing to visit the Vatican, specify the language of the tour. The list is Russian, but be prepared for the fact that such tours are conducted regularly. The remaining steps coincide with the purchase of tickets.
Book a tour without payment by Fax. Send phone 06.698.84019 a statement about the desire to visit museums with your email address. The answer will come in a few days. Print it and show it at the entrance for organised tours. In the offices you will be able to buy ordinary tickets. But it is thus usually impossible to get into the gardens of the Vatican.