Visit St. Peter's Basilica. For this you need to get in line for St. Peter's square. Entrance to all visitors free of charge. If you want to climb the dome of the Cathedral, you must pay 5 euros in case of self-lifting or 7 Euro for the Elevator operation.
Visit the Museum of the Vatican. It will also need to get in line for St. Peter's square. Every last Sunday of the month entrance to the Museum is free. But keep in mind that people will be much more. The cost of the ticket is 14 euros.
Go to the Vaticanguards arrive and tell them: "Campo Santo Teutonico". Thus you give him to understand that you want to pass on the Teutonic cemetery. With 1450 here have the right to be buried pilgrims from the Dutch - and German-speaking countries. This tradition is preserved to this day: if the people of Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein died in Rome, you have the right to be buried in the Teutonic cemetery.
Buy a ticket for a tour of the Vatican gardens. For this you have to apply at the Ufficio Informazioni Pellegrini e Turisti, located on St. Peter's square. Tours are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the cost is 10 Euro.