Cough medicine is canceled in the second trimester of pregnancy, and, if necessary, replaced by other drugs, conducive to further childbearing. Using this medicament during pregnancy vaginally, dose is 400 to 800 mg a day split into 2 doses.
However, the duration of the drug and its dosage determined by the attending gynecologist individually for each patient. Cancel utrozhestane occurs gradually, so as not to cause miscarriage (so-called "syndrome of drug withdrawal").
It is desirable to reduce the dose very slowly over 4-6 weeks. If we assume that the therapeutic dose of utrozhestane is 400 mg after doctor recommends that you stop the drug for two weeks the drug is taken in a dose of 300 mg (200 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the evening). In this period need careful medical monitoring of pregnant women. First of all, if the lower dosage appeared bloody discharge from the vagina, dragging pain in the abdomen - it is urgent to consult your gynecologist and, perhaps, to return to the previous dose of utrozhestane.
Further, in the absence of any complaints and side effects, the abolition of utrozhestane occurs by reducing the dosage of 100 mg in two weeks, next two weeks woman taking 200 mg of utrozhestane in the day (still in two doses of 100 mg morning and 100 mg in the evening), and another two weeks at 100 mg at night. Then, the drug abolished completely or replaced by an alternative means.