How to combine blue and green

Green and blue – colors that differ from each other in tone. However, as experts note, in brightness these shades are very similar. This is what leads to the fact that the boundary between blue and green is almost erased. Instead, it creates a deep sense of natural harmony.

The combination of blue and green clothes could be called "tandem keel." The blue color symbolizes spirituality, and physicality. A combination of two shades turns harmonious and full. It will fit perfectly original for people who love unusual things and interested in the world around you.

Stylists say that the combination of green and blue is very versatile and perfect for a girl with any good looks. Tandem requires almost no additions. But if you have the desire to make the ensemble more contrast, add black, white, yellow or gold colors.

It should be noted that blue-green combination creates many positive associations. Also these colors, United in one ensemble, stimulates mental and creative activity. Best combination of green and blue suitable for outerwear, summer sets, swimwear, dresses.

The combination of green and blue in one ensemble

The combination of green and blue looks very attractive, mysterious and romantic. This color scheme of the dress perfectly suited for a date, meeting friends, relax. Blue and green can complement each other and to be equal members of the ensemble.

One of the most popular combinations of green with blue skirt and blouse. Things in this ensemble can have a very simple cut and fabric. Due to the unusual colors set will turn out spectacular, and the whole image is attractive and simple at the same time.

Blue and green can act just as complement each other. For example, the dress of one of the mentioned colors can keep the accessories in a different shade. Perfect hat, bag, a belt, and jewelry.

The tandem of blue and green can easily introduce the third color. Perfect pink, purple, orange, gold, yellow. For example, looks stylish ensemble of a blue-green top (t-shirt+blazer ... shirt+blazer, etc.) and a purple bottom. Orange, yellow and gold are best used in accessories or shoes. Pink will be a wonderful decision for top with blue-green hem.

Combining green and blue in the clothing, the special attention we pay to the color of the Shoe. The most harmonious solution would be to beige, dark gray, cream, brown shades. Black and white shoes you can also use. But it is desirable to maintain accessories.