Give your puppy the object for chewing. Avoid rubber or soft toys. Puppies have very sharp teeth which they can bite off small pieces of a toy and swallow them. Get a special impregnated bone for puppies or plastic toys.
Remove unwanted objects for chewing sight of the puppy. Keep shoes in the closet, toys in a storage box, cupboard door keep closed, and the corners of the sofa wrap with cellophane. It will not have to do that forever, and only until such time as the puppy will lose interest in chewing. You can restrict the dog to certain rooms in the house. Many breeders suggest to not to place puppies in a spacious home arena-box, for example, in periods when you leave their house, so without your supervision, the animal did not spoil furniture.
Show your puppy the things that he is allowed to chew. For example, have you noticed that your baby is sharpening his teeth on the railing of the seat, click it on the ears and firmly say "no". Then immediately give him a toy or bone and praise for obedience. Pointing at the desired object, you gradually switch the attention of the puppy with a prohibited object. Speak with the dog in a firm but calm manner. Try not to scare your pet.
Be consistent. Let everyone in the family pay attention to the upbringing of the dog, participate in training the puppy. Teach them to keep their things in order, away from the toys pet. Decide which method of punishment, what words you will use against the dog, let everyone in the house strictly follow the instructions. If all will use the response "no" or "fu", the dog will be teachable in teams. If everyone starts to use individual technique of education and training, the dog will be confused. And the problem with the chewed furnitureYu long will remain.
Never let the puppy to bite you. You must teach your dog serious about your commands. Biting and gnawing – two bad ones, but very similar habits. Every time the puppy begins to bite your hand, leg, or clothes, sharply correct him and loudly chastised. Stop playing with him and how to react. Turn the puppy back and let's establish an eye contact. When the pet calms down, you can continue training, running, game, etc., If you learn to speak with a dog in one language, she soon begins to understand that biting is bad and that communication is terminated as soon as the bites. If you managed to train a dog at such a young age, you will receive an intelligent, educated friend. Effort and rigor will come true with a vengeance very soon.