You will need
  • - puppy;
  • - dainty;
  • - metal chain.
If the puppy is not yet three months old, punish him carefully because he picks up everything that is not necessary. Avoid rough physical effects. Just take out of his mouth matched thing, but strictly and menacingly say "Fu". Can now gently shake the puppy or the withers for withers to press a little to the ground.
как отучить собаку поедать отбросы
It is best to avoid any punishment until the dog is quite small. Every time she tries to grab from the ground, distract her with a game. Carefully observe the dog and do not allow to miss anything that is lying on the ground. Excessive punishment of a puppy can damage his developing psyche.
как отучить собаку есть экскременты
Ask another person to stretch the puppy in the open palm of some delicacy. And when he wants to grasp, the hand must be closed. Do this until until your pet is no longer interested in this delicacy. And it is desirable that people have changed. You, in turn, encourage your puppy slice out of his hands every time he will turn away from the opponent's palm.
как отучить щенка от улицы
Use a light metal chain. But just find something that won't hurt your baby. As soon as you see that he is trying to pick up something from the ground, throw it at the chain, trying to get the dog. But only so that the puppy does not see that it's you doing it. Thus, the dog learns that whenever it attempts to eat something on the street it immediately hits something rattling, scary and it hurts.
как содержать ощенившующюю суку чтобы щенки не гадили по квартире
Teach your puppy the command "Come on!". When you see what he already took in his mouth, going to call him to himself and give the command "leave it!". If there is no reaction, open the mouth and shake it, repeating the same word. When the contents fall out, praise the dog and give a reward treat.
как отучить щенка от рук