To suspend the activity of OOO on your own initiative you need to do the following:Create an order, signed by the Director or a person authorized to perform these functions, the suspension of the activities of the society.
Order to notify all employees about the situation. Take employees a statement on the dismissal or, if there is a conflict situation, for leave without pay.
Write yourself a request to grant such leave. Publish the corresponding order around the staff. Notify any authorities is not necessary.
To maintain the status of existing society, but simply to suspend the activities of OOO, and regularly prepare and submit to the appropriate service reports that indicated with zeros in the columns of momentum, income, expenses and so on. If you will not make it in for twelve months, then, firstly, will be subject to a large fine, and secondly, society forcibly close the tax Inspectorate at the end of the year.
If you permanently leave the region of registration, provide to the registration authority, that is, on a copy of the order on suspension. Agree on the submission of zero reports with the intermediary. Prepay for its services and notify your inspector on the responsible person.
In the case when you used the electronic document, via the tax office find an authorized for such activity of the agent. Make a contract with him for services and pay them.
Bank account Express untouchable anyway, so the lack of activity was a sham because of unexpected turns. To do this, send a letter to the Bank.The implementation of all the described procedures will keep your company in the desired status.