You will need
  • order;
  • - time & attendance.
General characteristics of the idle time is defined as the temporary cessation of work, that is, to improve the financial, technical or economic situation. Simple is not a holiday and therefore employees need to be ready at any time to go to work.
Revision of the Federal law No. 90-F3 obliges the employer for all the time idle to pay employees two-thirds of the tariff rate or salary. As wages will be paid, the employer has the right during periods of inactivity to attract employees to other types of work, for example, to clean the territory, paint machines or to carry out General cleaning at the plant. But it can be done only with the written consent of the involved persons.
Labour legislation does not provide for a simple warning in two months, as this circumstance can arise unexpectedly. But to notify all employees by order, direct responsibility employer. The unified form of the order for case no, so it shall be in any form. In order be sure to indicate the reason for the outage period and name of employees or the number of subdivisions that will not work under the circumstances. If the company won't work no one, that specific names or units should not be specified.
Also, the order must specify the amount of payment for the period of downtime. The employer has the right to amend the order of the paragraph that all the time idle period, employees must be at work.
The employee responsible for maintaining time sheet is required to put down all days of downtime in document time tracking code "RP" or 31.
The idle period, the employer may offer the employees other work, but not more than one month. The position must have the same qualification level as they were before the temporary suspension of the enterprise or unit. The order to temporarily transfer a filled in form T-5 or T-5A.