Start with reducing staff. The most difficult case in this situation is to conduct such activities when a state enterprise is not limited to a chief accountant and supervisor (by law, these positions may combine with one and the same person, including the founder of the company). However, note that downsizing is the most expensive option of parting with employees of the company. You can also use a compromise - the dismissal of the employees by agreement of the parties.
Do not use options such as forced dismissal "at own will", for example, unpaid leave or any violations of labor discipline. These actions will be considered illegal.
In turn, the chief accountant and the head of the company (or by both of them in a single person, if the positions are combined) is also easy to understand. These positions, while the company exists under the documents should be closed. In this case, when the change of the Director shall be held a General meeting of founders. It with the help of General solutions to the meeting needs not only to liberate the protagonist from his position, but to appoint any new. Without this it will be impossible to EGRUL to make the appropriate changes. Quite often, the main person of the company, which plans to suspend the activities of the enterprise, sends himself on unpaid indefinite leave.
Please note that even indefinite leave will not be able to release the Directors of the company from their responsibilities for timely submission of financial reports (even zero). Also this does not remove the responsibility from the Director for failure to perform their duties. In turn, for all the formalities can use the services of third parties.
Think about the liquidation of the enterprise. After all, if necessary, you will be able to establish a new. In turn, when the suspension of the company's activities, another major item of expenditure will constitute its legal address. Well, if this is the residential address of any of the founders. In other cases you will have to spend monthly funds at least for rent.