You will need
  • Personal computer
Restore settings to default by running in safe mode. To turn the system in safe mode, start the computer and press F8. On a black screen will appear command system, among them select "Safe mode". To navigate through the commands using the arrow keys. As soon as the computer will start in safe mode, perform a system restore to the original settings. Restart the computer by selecting "Normal loading Windows".
Restore settings use the option "system Restore". Select "system Restore" through control Panel. To do this, click "start". In the opened window, select "control Panel", then click "System and security" (maybe just "System" in earlier versions of Windows). Choose the option "find and fix problems". In the window that opens on the bottom left is the inscription: "Restoration". Click it. When the window opens, select "Launch system restore". Before you start you can go to the option "Advanced recovery methods". Two modes allow you to choose additional settings. Both modes before starting, I suggest to save your data to external media that will be not unnecessary to store information.
Log on to the option "system Restore". Through other items on the "start" button. To do this, click "start". Then, step by step: All programs, Accessories, system tools, system Restore. After run a system restore, select the initial settings of your computer. The system will be restored.