Try to restore the original settings of Windows services by standard means of the system. To do this, access the main system menu by pressing the "start" button, and navigate to the Run dialog. Type msconfig in the Open box, and confirm the utility starts by pressing the OK button.
Select the "General" tab in the dialog box and apply the checkbox in the row "Normal startup". Confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button, and then click System.ini. Turn on all the options and confirm your choice by pressing the OK button. Select the tab Win.ini and repeat the same steps. Go to the tab Boot.ini and clear all the check boxes under "start Options". Confirm the selected actions by clicking the OK button and select the tab "Services". Use the command "Enable all" and apply the changes by pressing the OK button.
If it is impossible to restore the settings of Windows services by default as described above, use a special registry tweak "Configuration by default", available for free download on the Internet. Before using this tweak, it is recommended to read the description of the system services on the official website of Microsoft.
Please note that if you use a non-standard build of the operating system distribution and lack of confidence in whether to delete any service from this distribution, it is highly recommended to use a special. cmd file that is intended to restore the startup type of the services to the state by default. This file is available for download on specialized forums and differs from the. reg file that does not change the entries in the system registry, if a service was deleted.