Advice 1: How to restore settings in Photoshop

Photoshop has a flexible settings system that allows each user to create their own working environment. But it often happens that in the setup process something went wrong — the program has become bloated, slow and unstable, the location of panels and chaos, something was missing essential functions. In this case you need to cancel all changes and return to the default settings.
How to restore settings in Photoshop
To reset Photoshop to its original state, you can use hot keys. Before launching Photoshop, press Alt+Ctrl+Shift and hold them, double-click the program's shortcut. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the changes. Reaffirming its decision, keep in mind that all custom settings will be lost.
But not all versions of Adobe Photoshop the same hotkeys. In some cases, this method does not work. For example, in CS6 it leads only to a temporary recovery.
Open Photoshop. As with all Windows applications, at the top of the interface is the "control Panel" program. Click the Edit menu, in the Russian version it is called "Edit". Select Preferences — "Preferences" from the drop-down list.
Click the General tab — "Basic" and hold the keyboard Alt key. In this case the Cancel button — "Cancel" will be automatically renamed Reset — "Reset". While holding down the Alt key, click on this button and all settings will return to their original state. The method is universal and works in any version of the program.
To completely reset all the tools you need to choose any of them. And then double-click the tool icon in the "properties Panel". Command Reset All Tools "to reset all tools" will return the parameters of all tools to the original.
If you need to rearrange the palettes, click Window — a "Window" located on the "control Panel" and in the drop-down menu, select Workspace, Essentials (Default) — "the working environment, the Main working environment (default)". You can choose any other environment suitable for the current work.
Choosing the most appropriate location of the palettes, you can save the workspace under a convenient name. To do this, click the Window — "Window" in the drop-down menu, select Workspace, New Workspace "working environment, new working environment".

Advice 2 : How to return the settings in Photoshop

Photoshop - the most popular program for versatile image processing. Its advantage is simple and convenient interface that allows you to immediately begin to work even for beginners. Sometimes inexperienced users from accidentally changing the base settings, then don't work in the program. In this case the basic settings in Photoshop you want to return.
How to return the settings in Photoshop
You will need
  • - a computer with the software installed;
  • - computer mouse;
  • keyboard.
During the run the program, press and hold Alt+Ctrl+Shift. This will help to bring down all modified settings to basic, which was designed by developers to ensure optimal operation of the program. However, this method does not in all cases is effective. If this operation does not work, then that means that the original combination is incompatible with the version of the program. To avoid this difficult, as the program is annually updated and improved. So if this step did not help in solving the problem, then proceed to the second point.
Launch Photoshop and wait for loading. Now go into settings. This can be done by calling the context menu "Edit", by clicking on the button "Settings" and then selecting in the drop down menu "Main". In the center of the screen should be a dialog that allows you to manage a variety of functions in Photoshop.
Take the keyboard and hold down the Alt button. You can now see a slight change in the control keys dialog box, in particular the "Cancel" button was renamed to the "Reset"button.
While holding down the Alt key, move the cursor to "Reset" and klasnice on it with the left mouse button. Everything is now setup took his original form and fully recovered. This method is more versatile, in contrast to the first.
Useful advice
This algorithm is designed for multi-language Photoshop, so anyone who uses the standard version of the program, provided the translation of essential words to reset. "Edit" – Edit The "Settings" Preferences, "Basic" – General, "Cancel" - Cancel The "Reset" - Reset. Some use the English version for the simple reason that the original is always better, easier and more fulfilling.
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