Optimal diet

The diet one year old child should gradually be introduced to all relevant products, as well as the mode of day and feed. At this age you must feed the child 4-5 times a day (not counting night feedings breast). In the morning 7-9 hours morning baby Breakfast in 13-14 hours - lunch, after NAP - snack, and 18-19 hours dinner. At night you can safely offer your child yogurt milk, or give the chest.

The large amount of calories from all of daily feedings should be lunch. At lunch time the baby is offered several dishes on the rules of the adult table. However, many parents complain that a child eats only one dish such as soup or second, and it refuses to continue the meal. The problem here is that parents do not observe the volumes of portions offered to the child. Often the kid's lunch consists of huge portions of soup 200 ml, after which it really is not desirable – it full. It is therefore important to observe the exact amount of food.
The transition to the adult table implies the principles of proper nutrition. Give your baby more fruits and vegetables, but yet forget about sharp and very salty foods.

Where to start

To start the meal better with a salad. This can be a fresh cabbage salad, vinaigrette, grated carrots, etc. However, the volume of portions should not be larger than 30 g, which is a few teaspoons. After all, the purpose of such snacks can cause the appetite and start the process of allocation of gastric juice for better assimilation of food.

Then it is possible to offer soup: vegetable soup, cabbage soup, noodles in chicken broth, fish or dairy. The actual portion of soup should not be more than 50 ml. it will offer a piece of bread or biscuit. If the child prefers these treats, main dishes, better to give them after the main meal as a dessert.

After the soup should be followed by the main course. It can be burgers (Turkey, veal, beef), meatballs, meatballs, steamed or stewed with vegetables. Fish dish – baked salmon, poached cod fillets, or Dory, the fish steam cutlets. The amount of fish or meat meals should be no more than 50 g.

On the side is perfect for a couple of boiled vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli), finely chopped or whipped into a puree in a blender. You can offer a side dish of cereals - buckwheat or rice, if Breakfast was vegetables or dairy dishes. Suitable and mashed potatoes with a slice of butter or pasta. The total amount of garnish should not exceed 70 Together with cutlet or fish 120 g main dish - the portion is small and it is quite capable to eat year-old child.
Potatoes in the diet one year old child should not be more than 2-3 times a week.

The end of the meal

Lunch can finish a drink. It can be fruit juices, jellies, fruit drinks, rosehip infusion tea. There's no clear limit on the amount – how much the child will drink so much he required. Generally limits liquid no. The only caveat: the juices better not to get involved, they are very high in calories and can kill your appetite, causing satiety in children. In the end, the total volume of the food of a child up to six years should be 1,000 to 1,200 g (without liquid). The lunch is 200 grams, which will agree, a little bit and can eat a year-old baby.