• 6 o'clock in the morning — chest;
  • 10.30 — soaked biscuit with cheese and butter, 30 grams of fruit juice or grated fruit;
  • 14 hours — 30-50 grams of meat or vegetable broth, 200 grams of mashed potatoes add 1 egg yolk in a day; or 200 grams of soup made of various vegetables with the addition of a spoon of ground meat or mashed liver;
  • 17.30 — 200 grams 10% semolina, and 30 grams of vegetable juice;
  • 21 hours — the chest.

If the child is doing well, on the 10th of the month go to chetyrehrazovoe meals in 4 hours. Individual portions can reach up to 250 grams, and the total amount of food should be 1000 grams a day. In 11-th and 12-th month is observed the same mode of nutrition, and breast-feeding gradually replaced. So is weaning baby from the breast. But if the child is sick, or this age have for the summer season, you can continue feeding.

Weaning is gradual, by lifting the first of all morning feeding and then evening, which is replaced by the yogurt with 8-10% sugar. The evening milk can be added crushed biscuit or bread crumbs.

Gradual weaning is very convenient for both mother. Due to a gradual decrease in the amount of milk she's going through this process painlessly. But if, despite all, Breasts continue to separate a lot of milk, bandage tight chest, tucked under a cotton wool bandage. It is necessary during the weaning to reduce the amount of food and especially liquids. It is best to go on the muffins.