To quit or continue?

Closer to most mom decides to finish "epic" with breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that mother's milk already can not satisfy the child as before. "Feeding" in this period enters a different status. It is not feeding, but simply a psychological release for mom and baby, a way to be alone, to rest. The baby is basically attached to the chest of inertia, and not because he wants to have.

Therefore the mother needs to clearly determine whether it is to continue to breastfeed or will put the child completely to the adult food.

Introduce new foods and dishes

Translating the child on a new course in nutrition, you need to be very careful and consistent. Expand the menu gradually. Each product needs to be "tested" children's stomach. If the new food did not cause any allergic reactions, it is safe to introduce something new.

Most of the kids at 10-11 months are already familiar with juices, compotes and baby puree jars. But the need for the development and fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. So child menu should be as diverse as possible. Children's meals differ from adults in the cooking method. Food should be soft, not hard, fresh, clean.


The main dish, which you must enter into the diet of the child meat. This product is rich with all the vitamins and minerals that help develop the gut. Its fiber structure helps to regulate the baby's stool, it enriches the body with iron.
Meats should be lean. No fat, fat: imperfect small stomach may not be able to respond to excess cholesterol.

Besides the soup can be cooked steam cutlets or meatballs. Cook them simply and quickly. In the beef add some bread and milk. From this it becomes very soft and can easily chew small pieces. The stuffing can be done not only of calf meat, but Turkey meat, chicken and fish.

Not all the food is to grind or beat. In 10-11 months the child often has up to eight teeth. So he needs to learn how to use them: chew food, develop jaw.

Dairy products

The basis of the diet are dairy products. Kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, curd should be consumed daily. Soft cheese you can do yourself. Cottage cheese made from sour cream and milk. Mix the ingredients, insist in a warm place (e.g. on battery) 5-6 hours and then boiled in a water bath. The resulting mass is decanted. The cheese turns out amazingly tender. You can also add a little grated fruit or simple sugar. And from purchased curd you can cook a cheesecake with the addition of sweet dried fruit. But they also need to be finely chopped or scrolled in a meat grinder.

An integral part of feeding a baby are dairy products (if you are allergic you can cook porridge on the water). Replacement instant, come to "real" grits. If the kids are tired of eating the taste of the porridge, you can invite him for Breakfast noodle soup cooked also in milk.

Milk as a product, too, can be given, but it must be boiled. There is a perception that fresh cow's milk for a child is not desirable. With such a fat product of the stomach of the child to cope.

Fruits and vegetables

Necessarily in the children's diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruit. Vegetables you can make stew and other vitamin food. For example, grate carrots and season with sour cream and sugar.

The children especially loved the fruit mix. Pieces of hard fruits can be grated or grind in a blender. If the fruit to flavor homemade yogurt, you get incredibly tasty dish that the baby must eat.

Example menu of the child in 10-11 months

The first feeding for 7-8 hours. Cheese, juice or compote (this feeding can be combined with breast milk).
The second feeding of 10 hours. Porridge or noodle soup, tea.
Third feeding – 14 hours. Vegetables with meat, bread, juice.
The fourth feeding is 18 hours. Scrambled eggs, fruit salad, compote.
Fifth feeding – 22 hours. Jelly with baby cookies.

Closer to the year in the child's diet has a lot of different products. Of them can be prepared in a great variety of delicious and wholesome dishes. It's time to show imagination.