Be sure to calculate how much the kids need protein, fats and carbohydrates. They are all necessary for proper growth and development of growing organisms. For example, proteins are the main source for the construction of new cells. Fats help to support the immune system and nourish the body with vitamins A, b, and E, and saturated fatty acids. Carbohydrates actively regulate all metabolic processes in the organism of the child. On this basis, making a menu for a children's camp, you need to consider the indispensability of each of these substances and to properly distribute them in the daily diet of children. The perfect ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the children's menu is considered to be 1:1:4,5.
Next, you need to take into account the number of meals children. As a rule, educational and training institutions, which include camps, choose 4-5 meals a day. And the whole menu or just count for a week or two. To the right to make, use tips that gives you wounds and who. They are research-based to develop a ideal power supply, which you only need to adapt to the needs of your camp.
Keep in mind, when drawing up the plan, and the fact that some of the products should be given daily. These include meat, milk, butter, sugar, bread and vegetables. Some of the products included in the diet of children periodically. It's sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, fish and cheese. But to distribute these products is necessary so that during the week the children received a complete set of food completely.
Also when compiling menus it is necessary to take into account the time of day at which products will be used. For example, foods rich in proteins should be given in the morning. Because it has a positive effect on the metabolism and activates the nervous system. Moreover, such food longer to digest.
Combine in your menu products for absorption. So meats must be combined with vegetables, cereals soups to add a second vegetable dishes, etc. And do the vegetables have to be diverse. The same goes for fruit, berries, herbs, etc. this provides improved fermentation, growing organisms, and helps better absorption of products.
When there are no products, they are replaced by equivalent. But make sure that they are particularly suitable content of protein and fat. That is not to replace vegetables, cereals, milk tea, etc. Only to use such substitutions often not worth it. But if you really really have nowhere to go, in exceptional natural products you can even substitute canned. It is best to choose those that are specifically designed for children.