To change an apartment into a house with the help of special agencies for the sale of real estate or yourself. If we turn to the realtors, then you just need to submit the necessary documents, the experts will contribute information to the database and will only have to wait for the appropriate option, and then you can use them to make a deal.
If you decide to find the option of sharing yourself, you can start with searching online, putting up flyers around town, to do the same in the Newspapers and on television. In addition to search to bring friends, relatives, colleagues.
When a suitable option there, be sure to view the house personally, its remoteness from bus stops, shops, what is the square footage of rooms and total area, as the houseand the year it was built. When exchanging you need to consider all the details and to ask questions. After a verbal agreement with the other owner should proceed with documenting the transaction.
You need to provide to the Agency the documents for their own housing, help from the houseof oopravleniya about the absence of municipal debt, information about the account. The contract of exchange shall be endorsed by signatures of both parties and registered at companies house. Then the parties to the contract receives its copy and the act of reception-transmission of housing.
The most common way to move from apartment to house to make the exchange, but it is difficult to implement and then you have to resort to selling his apartment and buying a house. It turns out that we have to make two transactions, which require time. Best such a scheme is to conduct by using the services of agencies that will be able to conclude contracts in the short term and to find a suitable option for you among the many offers in the market of buying and selling real estate.
The most important thing during the execution of the documents, note their contents, carefully read the reference, and copies of documents provided by the owner of another property.