You will need
  • -passport of all people living in the apartment
  • -documents of title to the apartment or the contract of employment
  • -statement
  • -extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the layout
  • -birth certificate of children
  • notification of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the exchange in court
  • -excerpt from the book
  • -certificate that no outstanding utility bills
  • -extract account
Change can be privatized not privatized and housing owned by several persons.
Apply to the court with a full description of the situation that led you to try the exchange through the courtErnie bodies.
In the apartment you need to have the title documents or contract of employment. Updated technical documents with a copy of the layout of the apartment. The extract from the house register, a statement that there is no debt for utilities.
If the exchange is necessary to make due to the fact that someone of cohabiting residents drinks, is rowdy, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence.
Be sure to consider the rights incapable, partially capable, and juvenile residents of the apartment. In the courtebnom meeting must involve not only their legal representatives, but also bodies of guardianship and guardianship. On exchange of the apartments in the courte these bodies must notify in writing.
The privatized apartment and the apartmentunder common ownership, which has a small cubic capacity, are often exchanged by sale and division of the funds received between the parties to the exchange.
If one of the owners of the apartment does not consent to the exchange, none of the court to make it has no right. In this case, only the apportionment of shares in kind and the sale or exchange of your shares. If the share in kind is impossible to identify, the courtErnie proceedings on this question will not bring results.
Not privatized apartment can be split, having only traded for less privatized housing. Partition by sale and partition of the received funds is impossible until the moment of privatization.