Find apartment for sharing. The difficulty may be that homeowners are of interest to you, will not agree to exchange your apartment. In this case, the exchange process will have to involve several participants, which will greatly complicate the deal. In this case, you should use the contract of sale. The operation of the exchange is justified only when a sale of housing is not possible - for example, in the case of privatized apartments. However, this exchange privatized apartment at the municipal impossible. In this case, it is necessary either to privatize housing or to find another way to share.
Compose the text of the Treaty. It is best to do this with the other party to the agreement to contact an attorney. The agreement must specify the names of the owners and the name of the property that is exchanged. Must be given the exact address of the apartment. If the apartments are different in value, the contract can stipulate a cash payment to the owner of a more expensive property. Additionally, it is necessary to specify the exact date after which one other owner has to leave their premises and transfer possession of another party to the transaction.
Sign the contract at the notary. This procedure is performed for barter agreements on a voluntary basis, but it can become an additional confirmation of the authenticity of the signatures of the parties in case of disputes. Also the notary must certify the consent of other persons, in the apartment, on the Commission of the exchange.
Register the contract in the building of your residence. For this you will need to pay the duty. After that, both you and the person who has entered into a deal with you, will get a certificate of ownership for new housing.