According to employees of one of the most popular real estate agencies of Moscow "MIAN", 70% of all transactions on exchange of apartments happening for family reasons. As a rule, an apartment with lots of rooms and square exchange for some Studio. A young family wants to live separately from their parents, the grown child wants freedom or divorce - all this may be the reason for the exchange of housing in Moscow.
First find out whether the privatized your apartment. It can be in shared ownership among all members of the family or shared ownership. Typically, when conventional privatization is assigned to the shared property with an equal division of living space between all tenants, if you didn't have a special request or if the court has not appointed a common property.
If you have a share in the apartment, you can dispose of it at own discretion - to sell, to bequeath, donate or pledge for the loan. But to exchange the apartment is fully without written consent of all participants shared ownership, you can not.
If all tenants agree to the transaction and the documents for the apartment in the manner, locate the options exchange. Generally, if you sell the apartment in the center or the city, the money you can afford two or three-bedroom in residential areas or in the same apartment in the same area, and the second in the bedroom.
To find sharing options, please contact the estate Agency, it will protect your transaction. The Agency will check all documents for authenticity, moreover, having at hand a database of the property, you will be able to eliminate part of the new purchased apartments in other transactions.
Second, barter agreements for apartments are issued very rarely. Now a large apartment sell, and then buy smaller ones. Transaction through an Agency will allow you to minimize the time between trades, or even to conduct them simultaneously to leave one apartment, you could immediately enter a new one.