You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - cadastral documents;
  • - technical documents;
  • - decree.
If you privatize the apartment after 1998, in the resolution on the transfer of housing property specified the legal status of housing as an apartment, write a statement about the transfer of the legal status by contacting the state records center. Attach a receipt of payment for the provision of services, technical passport, an extract from the cadastral passport.
In case of refusal to change the legal status of the housing will contact the court of arbitration. File a claim, attach a cadastral and technical documents, passport. Submit all documents in original and photocopies.
On the basis of a court order you will make changes in the unified register. After renewal status you have the right to address in administration with the statement for transfer of land adjacent to your housing property.
For registration of the land you'll need to spend at its own expense the procedure of land surveying, to issue cadastral documents, to discharge the resolution from the local municipality. After which carry out the state registration of property rights, referring to the territorial registration centre, a statement, a passport, the documents of title to the house.
With the emergence of the rights to the apartment until 1998, when state registration was not yet carried out, information on the legal status of housing are available only in Bureau of technical inventory. To change it you can not, if the decision issued by the administration, provided that the transferred apartment. So you will have to contact the municipality a statement in which you specify that you are asking to change the legal status of housing. If you receive a denial, which happens very rarely, contact with a claim to the court.
Most often, the Department of housing policy does not prevent the transfer of property from one status to another and issued a resolution without any problems.
Update cadastral documents and register ownership rights to the house by submitting an application and documents to regcenter.