You will need
  • -passport
  • -notarized authorization of all owners
  • -deed of gift or sale
  • -certificate of inheritance (if the apartment is rewritten after the death of the testator)
  • registration of ownership rights
  • -a statement to landlord (if the apartment issued under the contract of social hiring)
Out on the apartmentyou own on shared rights of ownership with other family members can, make a donation contract.
All other owners of apartments must give notarized authorization to commit donation.
Directly deed of gift issued in the notary office and registered in the state registration center, where you get a certificate of ownership in your name.
The apartment is not owned by you shared ownership, can be issued to you through the transaction of purchase and sale. All owners of apartments must give notarized consent to such transaction.
The contract of sale is made at the notary and registered at the registration center in your name. You get a certificate of ownership.
If you want to overwrite the apartment over after the death of a relative, you can do it, being the heir at law or by will. In all cases, you must open the case of the inheritance in the notary office. After 6 months, you will issue a certificate of inheritance, and you will be able to register at the registration center, after receiving the certificate of ownership.
Living in an apartment issued under the contract of social hiring, you can apply to the landlord about assigning you a responsible tenant. Such a right are not even written in the warrant or in a document on an apartment, but lived in her official residence for over 15 years. On the Statute of limitations accommodation, you can participate in privatization on an equal basis with the formal tenants and to be inscribed in the ownership certificate.