Advice 1: How to rewrite a

Rewriting the apartment itself in several ways. Depending on who owns the apartment, and on what basis do you live there or have some relation to this apartment. The registration of the apartment is different from the design of the apartment owned by family members under a social lease contract.
How to rewrite a
You will need
  • -passport
  • -notarized authorization of all owners
  • -deed of gift or sale
  • -certificate of inheritance (if the apartment is rewritten after the death of the testator)
  • registration of ownership rights
  • -a statement to landlord (if the apartment issued under the contract of social hiring)
Out on the apartmentyou own on shared rights of ownership with other family members can, make a donation contract.
All other owners of apartments must give notarized authorization to commit donation.
Directly deed of gift issued in the notary office and registered in the state registration center, where you get a certificate of ownership in your name.
The apartment is not owned by you shared ownership, can be issued to you through the transaction of purchase and sale. All owners of apartments must give notarized consent to such transaction.
The contract of sale is made at the notary and registered at the registration center in your name. You get a certificate of ownership.
If you want to overwrite the apartment over after the death of a relative, you can do it, being the heir at law or by will. In all cases, you must open the case of the inheritance in the notary office. After 6 months, you will issue a certificate of inheritance, and you will be able to register at the registration center, after receiving the certificate of ownership.
Living in an apartment issued under the contract of social hiring, you can apply to the landlord about assigning you a responsible tenant. Such a right are not even written in the warrant or in a document on an apartment, but lived in her official residence for over 15 years. On the Statute of limitations accommodation, you can participate in privatization on an equal basis with the formal tenants and to be inscribed in the ownership certificate.

Advice 2 : How to restructure the privatized apartment

In the Russian legislation there are no clear regulations on the transfer of ownership rights in privatized apartment to another person. But there are other ways under the Civil code, allowing the renewal of the property.
How to restructure the privatized apartment
You will need
  • - certificate of ownership of the property;
  • - contract on privatization;
  • - technical passport of the BTI;
  • - certificate about the cost of apartment from BTI;
  • - deed of gift or of sale.
For re-registration of privatized apartments will sign the contract of purchase and sale or donation agreement. The first option is that one party transfers property to a new owner, which, in turn, undertakes to accept and pay a set price. In case of donation the owner of the apartment free of charge transfers assets to another party. This usually happens between relatives or close friends.
Note that the contract of sale the seller must pay tax on the amount of income specified in the documents. In the Russian Federation it accounts for 13 percent of the value of the property. The amount of the transaction can not be lower than specified in the certificate of BTI as a residual of the price.
In the case of renewal of privatized apartments under the contract of donation of 1 January 2006 the tax on property abolished. But if this process takes place to be the transfer of funds, to prove non-compliance on the part of the purchaser of the apartment it is better to conclude the contract of purchase and sale, which implies the existence of the act of transfer and acceptance.
To register the above-mentioned agreements and make re-registration of privatized apartments, submit to the Registrar the certificate of ownership of the property, the contract on privatization, which is a legal document, technical passport of BTI, a certificate of value of the apartment of BTI, a contract of donation or purchase and sale in triplicate, notarized on a notary.
Registration of a contract upon submission of all documents will take about one month. After that, a privatized apartment is remodeled.
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