Digital cameras are divided into those that have a mode that allows you to work as a camera, and those that do not have such a regime. In the first case a special connection problems should arise. If you have such a camera, just connect it with USB socket, you may also have to install an additional program driver. Usually it is attached to the camera.
In the second case, make sure that the image you are satisfied. All cameras have video output, which you can use to view slides or movies through a TV screen. If you are connecting the camera able to transmit video, it can function as a webcamera.
Operation transfer video from the camera to the computer is called video capture. To communicate via Skype you must install the software. To get started, install the program ManyCam. Operation takes about 20 seconds and does not require much effort. Then connect your camera to the video capture device. It could be the video card, the adapter to capture or tuner card with a video output. Make sure there is live image and run ManyCam. Select the signal source. You can also set the image quality. Now the video can be transferred from the program Skype. To do this go to tools and select the required item - ManyCam Video Source. If the video will slow down or have other interference, repeat all over again.
The sensitivity of digital cameras is much higher than most specially designed web cameras, it is also possible to set the white balance. The main disadvantages are high power consumption and low image resolution.